Where We Create - Caroline from Salsa Pie

You know how you are meant to find your voice on your blog? To be "you"? And you know how lucky you feel when you stumble upon a blog that does just that? Right from your first look at Caroline's blog Salsa Pie, you know that you are in for something unique. 
I mean, it's not just a blog, it's a verb!
Sahl-suh payh: to make or create something.
But let's hear from her...
Our house is very small so I only have a small corner designated just for me. It's actually an old little writing desk that was my great grandmother's. I'm sentimental so I like to sit there. On top, there is just enough space for my computer, my little idea notebooks (where I brainstorm and sketch things) and a few other things. Since I create crafts mostly geared towards kids, I normally involve the kids in my projects and we work on our kitchen table. But when I'm writing or uploading pictures or doing general blogging-related things, I sit here.
1. What time of day do you do your work and why? 
I honestly just seize whatever moment I see available for accomplishing something. With children ages 6, 5, 3 and 21 months my house can get a super crazy sometimes and each day can be unpredictable. I work in short spurts rather than finishing any task in one full swoop. I've found that working in short increments of time is more realistic with small children afoot.  

2. What's you go-to snack when you are feeling peckish? 
Almonds. My husband is kind of a health nut and he eats almonds all day long. We buy them in bulk, raw and I roast them in the oven. Since they're always around, I just gravitate towards those. A small handful is enough for me to fuel-up and keep going. 
3. When you are procrastinating, what do you do?
I do two things: I walk around from room to room picking up toys off the floor (which is a totally pointless activity until after the kids are in bed) or, I read all my favorite blogs and comment away! I just think what we women are doing in the blog world is so creative and so inspiring that I can't help but get excited about it. 
Working in short increments - for me that was the most difficult adjustment when I had my daughter. I was used to blocks of time where I could lose myself in making something. Hours. Post kid it's all about grabbing a few minutes here and there. Quickly shifting out of parenting gear and into creative brain and then back again. I'm thinking that her chevron striped notebook entitled "ideas" is probably a huge help!
How about you? How do you handle working in short bits of time when you are "salsa pie-ing"?