Friday arts and Leisure Links - the UK edition

We've been in Vancouver almost a year now and are feeling pretty lucky with the block that we live on. It's all about the luck - you can't REALLY plan these things. Our little block has a long tradition (20 years) of kids playing together in the lane and families bbq-ing together as well. And we've been welcomed into the fold. Certainly makes any moving transitions that much sweeter and easier. You wouldn't believe how happy we are for the girl too!

On to the links where by happenstance or serendipity, are all UK-related. G-d save the Queen!

If David Brent ran the Olympics, you'd have the BBC series "Twenty Twelve". But it's Hugh Bonneville instead (you know him as Lord Grantham in Downton Abbey). Like your humour dry? This is THE one to watch. So dry it'll blow away right off of your tv. 

I want to see Alan Cumming in this. (Yes it's in NYC but he's Scottish!). Here's a review.

The Beatles on Ed Sullivan February 9, 1964. 75 million people and 45.3% of television sets. John and Ringo were 23, Paul was 22 and George was 21. What were you doing at that age?

Only the Brits can have a "chap Olympiad"! Pour a glass of Pimms and watch the butler racing.

A Banksy disappears. Oops...

And always some tastey advice for making art: 25 tips on becoming a better writer. Not only for writers, but for creatives and makers and artists too. 

Weekend plans? It's STILL sunny here in the Pacific Northwest - the longest stretch, dare I say, in almost a year. I'm savouring, not complaining. There'll be biking (the girl took off the training wheels this week!) and yoga and playgrounds of course. And coffee - always coffee. Seeing some friends too. And a general turning off of the social media for a couple of days. I'll peek once in a while (did I say I was perfect?) but it'll be all about face to face connecting.

What are you up to?