Cuba - the people

[I'm so proud that Canada has always stood by Cuba. The ties between our two countries go way back. And we brought the two sides together in negotiations over 18 months in Canada. I did three posts two years ago about our honeymoon in Havana in 2001 about the people, the architecture and the music. My favorite trip with the man.

First the people.

You know how I love to travel, right? I'll do the beach holiday - no question. You'll see me kayaking and swimming and outrigger canoeing. And sitting by the beach reading a good book (by the way, isn't it a bit of a pain figuring out what to read next with the e-reader? You used to be able to scan the books by the pool to see what people are reading. Not any more. Sniff...).

But when I travel, it's also just as much about the people. How do they live? What is it really like? We were fortunate with Havana to know people who do live there - some born and raised and some who transferred for work, fell in love with Cuba and stayed.There's something extra special when you know people who live in the place you are visiting. An inside view.

Some images of the people of Havana taken by my guy.

Havana Cuba

(photos taken by the man on our honeymoon)

Want to see more of Cuba? Rent Strawberry and Chocolate by Tomás Gutiérrez and Carlos Tabío(1993), the first Cuban production ever nominated for an Academy Award as best foreign language film. I had ice cream at that same place in Havana. And for the music there's always the Buena Vista Social Club.