Friday arts and Leisure Links

Here's a coneflower from Washington Square Park this past week. I know, I am soooo lucky to have made so many NYC visits this year - I can hardly believe it myself. This time it was with the man and the girl. It was hot and humid and all the wonderful that is my favourite city. I'll be sharing some photos and picks and fun over the next few weeks of course - no withholding from you my friends.

For the Americans who were celebrating July 4th this week, a lovely tribute to the Statue of Liberty.

An intriguing series of photos by Jordi Huisman of the backs of buildings in Amsterdam. Feed your inner snoop.

Now this is a way to promote your fashion line! Danish designer Hank Jobenhavn. Gotta love the Danes.

Feeling impatient about your creative progress? Here's to slow mastery. If it was easy, everybody'd be doing it.

I can't stop the Mad Men links! Here is series creator Matt Weiner on the season finale.

Monday I have a special edition of my column "where we create". I KNOW you will be inspired just as much as I was by this fabulous photographer and blogger.

Pals, I am off to Seattle this weekend - can we say "roadtrip"?! Coffee and banter with Melanie of Inward Facing Girl. Love the banter - don't you? And of course a trip to Trader Joes to stock up. What's up for you this weekend?