Cuba - the architecture of Havana

{Looking at these photos is bittersweet as Cuba will undergo a huge change soon with the conclusion of 18 months of secret Canadian-hosted negotiations to normalize relations with the United States. It's an amazing place and I"m glad to have visited].

Our honeymoon in Cuba. I shared some of the music. And the people. Now the architecture of Havana, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is nothing like it. 

It's grand in scale and influenced by European architecture. Wide boulevards. Gorgeous tile and brickwork. Plazas where people gather and hang out. Beautiful parks and garden. A very social city. A very friendly city.

Walk down any street and you will hear music. Toddlers sitting on the front steps of their homes playing intricate drumming rhythms on bongos and older kids and adults playing congas. Classical music as you walk by the dance academies. It is alive with music and people and art.

havana cuba old city square

Viva Cuba!