August Break

I'm back. In town. Home from the cottage where we spent two GLORIOUS weeks where the day's schedule consisted of wake up, breakfast, sunblock, waterski/wakeboard, swim, hang out, lunch, hang out, supper, bed. Love the simple life. Outdoor shower. Living in flipflops and bathing suits. Lots of fresh fruit and veg and bbq-ing too. No clocks, no deadlines, no to do's but have fun.

We were on an island in the middle of a huge lake about two hours north of Toronto. I'll tell you more about it later but what I DID want to tell you is that I'm NOT ready for summer to be over. I have friends to see, the girl and the man to hang out with (we are going through serious withdrawal after three weeks together non-stop!). Lots of yoga and swimming and hiking and reading and biking too.

So I'm taking part in Susannah Conway's August Break.

It's MORE summer break - just post a photo or two or three. Whenever you want. No pressure. Nothing more til after the September long weekend.

There's a flickr group. And a blog roll too. 

Join in - and let's come back all refreshed and energized and inspired.