August Break - NYC

NYC cab New York CityAugust Break 2012Hey pals - this is the girl and I in late June in NYC. She is an expert hailer of cabs. Love that she is "free range" at a rustic cottage AND all over the big city too. A girl after my own heart.

Speaking of NYC, I'm off next Wednesday for ALTNYC! And it's at the MSLO offices in Chelsea - mecca for all things entrepreneurial and aspirational lifestyle. Love her or not, Martha knows how to build an empire - and it's based on designing, manufacturing and selling goods. Anyone can do a sleight of hand with ideas or images - try trading if you want a REAL challenge!

I get to see Jen of Classic Play and Giulia of Fishly News and Jess of Curating Style. Plus many others. That'll be me with the ziploc bag of business cards. I'm all classy like that.

Now for this weekend - picking up a friend from London from the ferry for a visit, a little Friday night dinner, some beach time and lots of biking. How about you? Oh, and I think season 2 of Boss starts tonight!

See you next week.