How to Be Happy

At least, my version of how to be happy. Not that I have ALL the answers. Just some of them. Some of them that work for me.

A few weeks ago the lovely Erin of Art Social and Lisa of JoyCreation and Rita of TOMORROWtoday started their own Happiness Project book clubby thingy. I read the book when it first came out and then again earlier this year. And I plan to join them every Thursday or so with some ideas of happiness of my own.

One small piece of happiness for me is something that I recently figured out. You see, I have stacks of journals with all sorts of writing. All sorts of attempts to find out the answer to "how can I be happier"? How can I find fulfillment?

There were career changes (did one of those). I moved (a few times). You know, the big overhaul. The reinvention. Looking back to what made me happy when I was a kid and doing those things again. 

I realised that I was making it MUCH TOO DIFFICULT. I wanted THE answer. The penultimate solution, path, direction, goal. And you know what I discovered? What I found out? For me, right now, to be happier is simply to do MORE of what makes me happy and do LESS of what makes me  unhappy.

What? Won't I just end up lying around in bed all day eating chocolate toffee covered almonds and drinking pails of coffee? Won't I be running around pell mell doing all sorts of impulsive things JUST because they make me happy? Scratch this itch. Then that one. And the next one.

Not really. Not when I take a longer view.

It's the simple things that make me happy. I am happy when I am healthy. I am happy when I eat so that I have good energy for my day. I am happy when I've slept enough the night before. 

And that's where I am starting from. Today.