Honeycake for a sweet year

honeycake rosh hoshanah

The girl and I did a bit of baking this weekend - it's the season for honeycake. It's one of our family rituals.

Rituals - I love family rituals. This time of year we do THESE things - that time of year we do these OTHER things. The marking of time with friends and family. The favourite dishes and decorations and music.

rosh hoshanah

We had a couple of re-do's - take my word for it, you can't overgrease a bundt pan but apparently I can certainly UNDER-grease it. 

There'll be a more than a few family dinners and lunches in the next few days, starting with ours tomorrow night. Think a house filled with babies and kids and adults and grandparents. And food - lots of food. Noisy. Everyone talking at once. Just like last year. And the year before. And next year too. And the year after that.

What family rituals do you enjoy?