Street art

When I was flying back this summer from a trip out east I watched a few documentaries on the inflight entertainment system. One of those documentaries was about street art, unsanctioned art in public spaces. Here's a taste of it, called Great Minds of Design, by 291 Film Company:

Think graffiti. That's the first one that comes to mind. But this isn't gang-related graffiti or vandalism. It's street "art". 

One of the most famous graffiti street artists is Banksy

It isn't only graffiti - it can be sculpture or stickers or posters or video. What intrigues me is the blurring of the line between public and private. If we all own public space jointly, how can we use it? What art can we make with it? What stories can we tell?

In a teeny, tiny subversive way, the girl and I made our own street art this week. Nothing huge. Nothing major. Just some baby steps in the boulevard in front of the little house that we live in. 

There's a tree in the boulevard that was just BEGGING for some yarn. So I crocheted and we wrapped it around the trunk. It's about 6 feet above the ground. We also made a popsicle stick fence that is around the bottom of the same tree.

We also have a tree that is in our front yard - so it's technically NOT street art but it is right beside the sidewalk just over the property line. I crocheted some flowers and we hung those too.

And I found some butterflies at a craft store and the girl tied those onto the tree branches with wire.

Our first experiment. What's next? I'm thinking something a little more participatory. The girl decided that she wants to have a garage sale this Saturday to sell some of her old toys. We'll dream up some communal art project to go with it. And I have a few OTHER ideas for the front yard and the boulevard.

Stay tuned and I'll let you know how it goes over.

Would you ever do any street art? Have you ever done any? Have you seen any? What did you think?