Enough with the self improvement

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I have a confession to make - I can be pretty determined when I set my mind to something. Focused. Driven. We're not talking so much that someone else would think, "hey, she needs to just lighten.up" (at least I don't think so!), but rather, "she's a go-getter". That's me - a go getter. And I have gone and gotten for years. Career. Creative stuffs. Whatever the goal was, I'd be right there on top of it, making it happen.

And you know, that's a pretty powerful trait to have. I admit it. I am someone who can get.things.done. A lot of things. At once. The Queen of multi-tasking. But like anything, it's a two-edged sword. ESPECIALLY when you toss in a little analyis of your strengths and weaknesses. Especially then.

I have strengths. You have strengths. We all have our talents - those things that come easily, where we just can operate at a high level without even thinking. We just can do it. Hurray for strengths.

Like you, I also have my weaknesses, my development areas. Skills and attitudes that are not my strong suit. Things that I have to consciously work at. Self improvement. Who hasn't gone down the self improvement road?

Bear with me, we're getting to the punch-line, to the meat.

I came across an idea recently that knocked the idea of self improvement right out of the ballpark. For me at least. It was this - rather than focusing on my weak areas, just work on my strengths

No more self improvement, no more fixing, no more trying to be EVERYTHING. No.more.

Just play to my strengths. And how about you just play to yours? Let that other person over there be good at what we aren't so great at. I know I'll be happier.

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