Friday Salon

maui beach.JPG

Yes, Hawaii was fun. Specifically, Maui. It was a wonderful winter break. And I DO promise to do a few posts on the great places we found to hang out and eat and swim and play. Back at it and ready to go - and I SHOULD be as

Alt Summit is less than two weeks away! Luckily my "to do" list is shrinking as I prep my elevator gab, practice for my roundtable and put the finishing touches on my daily wardrobe. No peeking! You'll have to either see me at Alt or wait for the posts here.

I need a photography project for my DSLR class. This guy is inspiring.

Put a bird on it.

For the man and map lovers everywhere: Where in the world IS James Bond?

Consuming architecture through photography. (thanks Ravenna Girl B for the link!)

Lord Grantham loves Homeland.

I almost bought a Marc Jacobs dress for Alt (on sale!).

Celebrities read mean tweets about themselves.

We all should get behind creative placemaking.

Why DO we love Mad Men?

Lena Dunham's ideal bookshelf.

Worried about not having a niche? Being an expert generalist is better.

That crazy insomnia is sneaking around here - I'll be trying to sleep in on one of the weekend days to catch up. Some children's theater with the girl, some hanging out. Some MUCH needed sorting of framed art. We went from a big old Victorian to a tiny 1930's cottage and I can't remember what is packed up in the garage. I'm in a big mood to purge.

And next week? A new series starts on Monday. Details then.

How about you?