Foliophoto Project - Family


graphic and photo by Christie of Besidesign

It's week 1 of my collaborative photography series - Foliophoto. And it's with the lovely and talented Christie of Bedsidesign. She's in Syracuse, NY and I'm across the continent in Vancouver, BC.

Here's the deal. We've brainstormed a prompt list of words and each Tuesday we will pick one. Then during the week Christie and I will take photos inspired by that word and post our best photo the next Tuesday. Usual cross linkiness and all. We might throw in a little commentary about our photo and we'll be SURE to tell you what we used (DSLR, iPhone) and any post-production (this filter or that). 

We've started a flickr group called Foliophoto (public/invite only for now - email me for access or mention it in the comments) and instagram hashtag #foliophoto.

First prompt? FAMILY. DSLR in the evening with flash.

foliophoto family 2.jpg

Next week's prompt? Blue. Whatever that means to you, the word blue.

Go on over to #foliophoto on flickr to check out the photos. Want to join us next week?