Friday Salon


Hey, my friends, it's been a busy week but a good week. Getting ready for Alt Summit. Making notes. Printing materials. Tweeting and emailing and FBing. Setting some goals and deciding what I want to get out of it this year. 

Also getting ready for something that I'll announce on Monday. It'll be a big "ta dah"... Taking a bit of a plunge which is exciting and terrifying at the same time. Now for the links.

I'm giddy - it's coming back!

Her iPhoneography is stunning and her words even more so. Brilliant.

Bedbugs here?

I want these.

Van Gogh is funny.

Girls IS Freaks and Geeks

How to get a job on Broadway.

I can see this in March and then Erin can see it in June.

Golden Globe winner Affleck and fellow directors talk shop.

There WILL be a Friday Salon next week but by then I'll be at Alt. You KNOW there'll be some live tweeting and all. This weekend? The plan is to take it easy as much as possible. Well, that's the plan - who knows how that'll work out! 

How about you?