Makers gotta meet

Makers gotta make. But makers also gotta meet.

Remember my manifesto? I believe that:

we all need to create.

we are best inspired by many different art forms.

we need community.

people need to experience the arts together.

Okay, so I wrote about that a few days ago. So what now? Does it just sit there in the archives? Maybe a few people here and there will read it. Maybe not. 

Nope, there's been some actual MANIFESTING of that manifesto. Some leap taking. Some boldness.

Here's a clue: remember my new series called Offroad Blogging? How it's going to be about people here, there and everywhere who are holding events in real life? Taking their bloggy communities and hanging out in real time? Finding their tribe?

I've had an idea for quite some time. You could call it a fantasy. And it's driven by those beliefs in my manifesto. I've thought about it and imagined it. But for the longest time never really took the steps to make it happen. Well, that's changed. The steps HAVE been taken. There's no going back now.


I'm starting a salon series. Well, not just STARTING. It's been started. It's launched.

People, it's happening.

Well, not just YET. It's happening February 7. 2013 here in Vancouver. 

I have a venue. An event. Food and drink. Swag - I have swag! And THE most amazing attendees. 

And with a tip of the hat to Ron Popeil, "wait, there's more!" 

bing Cargoh 

This first one is sponsored by Bing! And Cargoh! And All & Sundry! Everyone has been SOOOO supportive of this series.

It'll be an artsy party happening. Right.Here.

Well, not HERE as in on this blog - HERE as in Vancouver.

We're taking it offroad, offline and into real life. The makers are gonna meet. And it's only the beginning, baby, it's only the beginning.