It's Teamwork that makes it happen


I wasn't ever on a sports team. You know, one that was in a league where you'd have practices and games and all that. My best friend in junior high school was on a soccer team, though. I never thought about joining. I suppose I was "team neutral" in those days. It was the individual sports for me - did a bit of track and field instead. Quarterback in gym in junior high (I can throw a football like nobody's business). But no regular team.

The girl plays soccer. The team is made up of neighbourhood girls and there are so many 7 year old girls in our 'hood that we have four teams in total.

Practice on Wednesday night. Game on Saturday. September to mid March.

It's been interesting watching them become a team. Their only common denominator is being from the same neighbourhood - they attend four different schools between the 10 of them. Public English, Public French immersion, private Catholic, private Jewish day school. At most 3 from one school.

The two coaches are wonderful. These two dads are brilliant at motivating the girls with lots of "honey's" and "sweetheart's". 

Although there is one player who is a true natural, I'd say that each of the others are middle of the road in ability. But when they are on the field together in a game, that's when they amaze you. They ARE a team.

I've been thinking about teamwork lately in the context of this blogging thingy. Any creative venture, really. A behind-the-scenes team of friends for advice and support and commiseration and cheerleading. Collaborators for series. New columnists (you'll meet her in a few weeks!). Regular readers who become friends through the comments and tweets.

This blog and the writing and the photography and now the salon can all happen as a one person show. But it certainly is sweeter and easier and better, much much better, when I am doing it as part of a team.