Alt Summit Roundtable - Makers Gotta Make

And we're back! I'm back - we're all back. Back from Alt Summit that is. Phew. You know that "good" tired? That tired that you feel when you are worn out but it's for all the right reasons? That's how I feel after returning home yesterday. 

I didn't sleep enough. I talked to a zillion people but STILL didn't meet everyone that I had hoped to meet. I heard some amazing speakers (more in other posts), learned lots (more of that too soon, I promise!) and laughed a LOT. Ate yummy food (they KNOW how to look after EVERY detail).

Most of all I came back ridiculously inspired to write and photograph and design and create and collaborate. And do it all better. 

But first off, let me tell you about the roundtable that I co-led with Jen from Classic Play: Makers Gotta Make: Finetuning Your Creative Process for Success. Smooches to everyone who attended! I have to admit that I kinda like being part of a roundtable format more than a panel. It's the intimacy. The give and take. The fact that you can actually have conversations and learn from each other.

And that is what happened - we learned from each about creative jealousy, how to make art and have a life, and dealing with our inner critic. One hour wasn't enough!

We also had our own little roundtable swag for everyone (love that word swag) - a poster (designed by the talented Melanie of genuineMix) with Jen and my FAVOURITE (yes, that's Canadian spelling) inspirational quotes about making YOUR art.

Makers Gotta Make
Makers Gotta Make

Download your own copy! Just for you.

More on Alt in the next few days and weeks. I need to digest all the creative goodness. And do some laundry too.