Foliophoto Project - Wood

#foliophoto Instagram project Sandra Harris

This week's prompt was wood

This is the round table in the kitchen that is USUALLY covered with craft supplies and the girl's books and drawings. Some games. A few toys. We never sit at it to eat - but it is well used every day for all sorts of projects. 

You know you're getting a bit obsessive when you set up AGAIN and reshoot because you forget to change the ISO BACK. Had it at 640 for some interior shots at Alt Summit.

Natural light - the back door has a large glass panel that I've covered in film for privacy AND to soften the light for photos in the kitchen. North facing. F10 and 1.3s. 50mm 1.4 lens. 

wood prompt1.JPG

Christie's photo is over here.

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Next week's prompt is winter. Considering that Christie lives in New York state and I'm on the "wet" coast in Vancouver, it'll be interesting to see what we each create.