Friday links

Have a good week? I have - I've finalized the NEXT Raincoast Creative Salon. Yippee! It's the Canadian premier of Brooklyn filmmaker Jen Lee's documentary Indie Kindred - all about creative collaboration. Buy tickets here.

I also zoomed out my October newsletter - sign up on the sidebar for future issues! 

On to the links. 


Banksy on Banksy

Start small

She won

And if you want to read her, start here.

Coolest thing ever worn

You narcissist, you. 

From a master Canadian writer to a master Canadian photographer .

Music is a mind game

A "see" change in art museums. 

Working the diagonals

I'm going to Camp Mighty next week. (I know, I'm surprised too. It was a bit of a last minute decision). I'm looking forward MOST to hanging out with old friends and making some new ones. 2013 has taken a few serious u-turns (cue cliches like "best laid plans") and this'll be a great chance to take a breather for a few days. You KNOW how inspiring it is to be around creative pals. 

This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving - I haven't made ANY plans for turkey! But since it won't be raining (yet!), there'll be LOTS of outdoor playing and being active. And if I DO get organized, maybe a little turkey and stuffing and gravy. I'm not making any promises.

The girl's dying to get her ears pierced so that'll be happening too. 

How about you?