Be bold and brave

Mere seconds ago (okay, last week) I decided to make a return visit to Camp Mighty. It's an annual retreat for creatives.

I attended Camp Mighty in 2012 not REALLY knowing what to expect. I met some amazing women, talked about my life list, and listened to some speakers.

But there was ONE speaker who made me sit up and listen – Philippa Hughes of the Pink Line Project. She hosts all sorts of arts & culture events in Washington, DC – in her words, “cool people doing cool things”.

Let me back up a little bit. When I was at Camp Mighty I had been in Vancouver for 1 year. I had lived there before but in between I’d spent 10 wonderful years in Toronto. I’d left Vancouver a newlywed and returned a parent, a grad school graduate, a veteran of a few renovations and a lot of travel – I wasn’t the same person who left. The city had changed too.

I needed to meet some creative types. I needed to build some community. I needed to make some friends.

You can see where this is going, right? I set as a goal (it’s even in the Camp Mighty video) to start an evening Salon.

Well, I did it. I’ve hosted three now. Learned a lot. Tweaked and improved on the way. Was scared and nervous at times (okay, LOTS of times) but got over that too. Met a lot of new people. Made some friends. 

Indie Kindred creative collaboration Salon events - Sandra Harris

And I have my fourth one  coming up near the end of November – the Canadian premiere of the documentary Indie Kindred. It’s all about creative collaboration. And not just that - it's about the friendships that result.

The doc screened in Seattle last month and I couldn't go because I was at TIFF, my annual foreign film festival pilgrimage. 

I saw the trailer and I wanted more. Yes I DO wish that we all wore signs saying "I'm an artist/photographer/writer" so that we could recognize each other as we go about our days. 

Creative collaboration? And community? And friendship? 

If I can't go to the doc, I'll bring the doc to me.  

And speaking of collaboration, I wasn't the ONLY one thinking of this. 

Cherish Bryck, a Vancouver photographer who co-hosts Sparkfly (an evening series for creative women), and Vancouver artist Carolyn Trotter had also contacted filmmaker Jen Lee about a local screening.

This is all getting very meta but the three of us creatives are collaborating to bring a doc on creative collaboration to Vancouver. We met yesterday at Matchstick Coffee  getting to know each other and brainstorming about making this THE creative event for November.

When I was at Camp Mighty a year ago and decided to start an evening Salon series I NEVER could have dreamt where this would be one year later.  

If you are dreaming of going after something, take that step.

Be bold and brave.