Friday Links

Hawaii Maui palm trees vacation

Hey, I went to Camp Mighty last weekend! (The photo is Maui but it IS palm trees, right?). Saw old friends and made some new ones. Drank gallons of water (but it's a DRY heat). Got inspired. Renewed. Relaxed. Had a few laughs too. More than a few laughs.

Can I just say that there is NOTHING like getting together with a bunch of creative types. What makes Camp Mighty so fab for me is that the ones who end up going are the people that you wanna get to know. And that you most likely wouldn't meet otherwise.

I needed it. The face time, the hanging out, the banter. I need MORE of it.

I've been around less on social media this past week because one of my Campy Mighty goals is 30 consecutive days of yoga. Over the past few years I've gone from the wheel and shoulder stands to...well, nothing. Time to get back at it.

But enough about me. Links, you ask? 

He can be MY fashion guru

I'm going to read this

What's old is new

I concur.

Taking collage to the next level. 

Inspiration is for amateurs. (via Anna Dorfman's talk at Camp Mighty)

Can I touch it

Powerful women make THE best friends

We're erasing the past!

I'm not a huge fan and teens don't like it either.

Yes, the weekend. Capture Photography Festival (we're founding members, baby). Brunching with friends. More Halloween decorating. A session with the personal trainer (damn you walking lunges with kettle bells!). The girl's going to be a zombie movie star for Halloween so some make-up test driving will most likely occur too (this'll help).

And you? 

The next Raincoast Creative Salon evening on November 21st is the Canadian premiere of the documentary Indie Kindred. Supah excited - it's all about creative collaboration!