Friday links

Do you ever find that by doing less you end up doing more? That's what I've been doing lately. Or maybe not less, but a shift from this to that - a little less blogging and more photography and creating.

If you're new here, every Friday I share some links that I've found inspiring or fun or creative. There's usually something to help with your creative process too. 
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Now the links. 

Banksy is in NYC! And I'll see it all next month when I'm there!

The world's first iPhone - well, kind of. 

You a beginner? How to write a beginner's CV. 

Photography has an old white guy problem .

Find your biggest fans

Want to photograph architecture? "Use a tripod". (via Freunde von Freunden

Breaking Bad call backs to season 1. 

A psychiatrist analyses Skyler, Jesse, and Walt Jr.  

A teenage Mikhail Baryshnikov.

How and why she paints

Ordinary guys in underwear

Last Monday I thought that I was done with travel for the year. By the end of Tuesday I had booked a family trip to NYC AND decided to go to Camp Mighty in Palm Springs (I went last year). We ARE a family who travels. 

This weekend? Saturday is a whirlwind of birthday parties and the girl's soccer plus the farmer's market. We'll welcome the man back from DC and have some hanging out time on Sunday. And miss Breaking Bad. 

How about you?