Friday Links

maple leaf fall red graphic

I can't believe that October is ovah! Halloween was a blast - the girl dressed up as a zombie movie star and we had over 300 trick-or-treaters at our place. Small houses + small lots = maximized candy in our 'hood.

And our #foliophoto 31 days of October project is done too - well, almost. If you can, Instagram what you are working on and tag it #foliophoto and #creativity. Do it!

I'm 12 days into 30 days in 30 (yoga that is). Missed a few days here and there but it feels REALLY great. And I may even have found a good yoga teacher or two. I'm fussy that way. 

No matter what it is, when I'm moving I get out of my head and end up refreshed and even MORE creative. How about you? 

Ah, yes, the links. 

Scavenger hunt, art style.

Making it big.

"Make your work good enough that you'd hire yourself."

THIS inspires.  (via @rosannecash)

Use your privilege

My kind of puppet show

Two favourites

Are TED talks lying to us

This weekend? Capture Photography Festival is still on (six weeks of international photography shows all over the city til mid November) so there's that. The usual errand-y stuffs plus a couple of restaurants to try out. And a pop in to the farmers' market for MORE honeycrisp apples. I'm on apple overload.

Next week I have a few surprises and it's all about creativity of course!