Foliophoto Instagram Project Continues

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31 days of visual inspiration. And banter. Finding new people to follow on Instagram. Was that ever fun! 

We had artists, jewelery makers, photographers, writers - all sorts of creatives getting together to make a photo each day based on a particular word prompt.

"The daily photo prompts were a great way to get my creative juices flowing".  

- whateverislovelier

What I loved too is that all of these creatives (and others who also participated throughout the month) GET social media. They understand the reciprocity and the relational aspect of it.

You want people to look at your photos? Better be looking at everyone else's photos. You want some comments?  Get commenting. And make it sincere. There's no space for "look at me, look at me, look at me" and photobombing the feed.

"Such great people. Such a great vibe".

- morganmaxfield

These three collages were inspired by the word "coffee". I picked this one because it IS one of the Instagram cliches right before shoes and just after a sunset. Look at all the different and creative interpretations!

And you WILL want to follow these people. And the others taking part in #foliophoto. 

coffee instagram foliophoto community creativity

whateverislovelier | tracymtang | tammybogestrand

smidgebox | shalaghhogan | rendellh

paulapuffer | morganmaxfield | melissasovey

"Loving the sneak peak into all my creative new friends' lives". - marygasparart

foliophoto instagram community creativity photography

macfilipe | marygasparart | loisaidanest

lifeofmay | laurenkeim | lacroixmaisondesign

katalineise | ireneliebler | epend

"Now when I look at my instagram feed it is filled with new inspiration". - bourbonandgoose 

foliophoto instagram collage creativity community

99percentinspired | ali_carvalh0 | artsyforager

beckygean | beemer123 | behappy_dai

bedsidesign | dooverdog | emthomasphoto

"I've been loving the little creative challenge every day". - ali_carvalh0

Now that October is done, Christie and I are returning to a weekly prompt. It'll be #FOLIOPHOTO FRIDAYS and here are the prompts for the month of November:

foliophoto photography instagram creativity community

So will we see you next Friday on Instagram? I'll be there. 

PS If I missed your "coffee" photo, lemme know and I'll add it. 

PPS We did some random number generation to pick a particular day and particular image as a "thank you" from me and Christie. And the winner is.....lwoltermckinley