Friday Links

Times Square, New York City, travel

I was in New York earlier this week! Yes! Always a great time. How could it not be?

It was a family trip so when planning I took into account the interests of the man and the girl. Family tour of MOMA AND the Vivian Maier portrait show at the Howard Greenberg Gallery. A Samuel Beckett play AND a second time at Matilda. Wandering around the Lower East Side (lots of independent restaurants and fewer chains!). Whitefish salad at Barney Greengrass. Throw in a visit to Dylan's Candy Bar and American Girl Place and you've got the Harris family in NYC.

I got to see Leslie and Ileana too.

Now the links!

Working art school.

Working the room.

I'm ALL over this story. Give them back.

It's SO easy to be a critic. (via SwissMiss)

Pink has been around for a while.

It's not ALL business.

A pin is worth how much?

It's back up at MOMA but here's where it's been.

And for Eden Hensley by request, I was listening to this while putting together these links.

This past week I launched my new series "Creative Couples" starting with Aidan and Elan Morgan. You want role models for combining relationships and making art? This is the series for you.

Next Thursday is my Salon evening where I'll be screening Jen Lee's documentary Indie Kindred that's ALL about creative collaboration. I've watched it and got all choked up AND inspired for arty collaborations and friendships.

This weekend I'll be at the Eastside Culture Crawl. And taking the girl to her soccer game and acting class. We're a family interested in ALL sorts of things (but we're not ADD, not really!). There will be coffee too. Always with the coffee.