Friday Links

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Happy Friday! 

A little tired at this end but good tired. Last night I hosted the Raincoast Creative Salon screening of Indie Kindred. First time in Canada and we did it here. It's a doc by Brooklyn filmmaker Jen Lee that's all about creative collaboration. It was an incredible evening for me - so many wonderful artists and photographers and writers and illustrators and jewelry makers. Wow. Just wow. Still glowing...

Love the arts. Love artists. Love collaborating.

I even wrote my master's thesis on creative collaboration. And I'm lucky enough to be collaborating on two projects right now - the #foliophoto instagram project with Christie and a "currently underwraps" creative project with Melanie. You'll find out about that one soon!

And of course since this is REAL life, this morning I'm meeting four of the girl's teachers as it's parent/teacher interview time. Love the juxtaposition of hanging out with artists last night and family stuffs today. That's what we do, right? We make our art AND we have our relationships and family and do laundry and all that.

Wouldn't have it any other way.

Links. Always with the links!

Rob Ford the movie. (sigh, Toronto deserves better)

O'Keefe does skyscrapers.

Margaret Atwood on Doris Lessing.

Robert as Sonny.

Be more productive.

Writing as performance.

My history nerdiness meets textiles!

Curator as therapist.

Monica and Chandler as a couple.

Elsa Schiaperelli as grandmother (did you see this week's Fashion One Oh One post?)

And in honour of my favourite reunion that was announced this week:

We are having a date night this weekend! But we haven't planned anything yet. It's enough of a novelty to be getting out. Thinking a yoga class and then drinks. I know - living on the edge! Two babysitters in one week - last night's Salon and then tomorrow night. Craziness!

How about you?