Indie Kindred Salon Evening

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Sometimes I feel like I'm telling everyone so often about the next Salon that it is permanently somewhere in the future. But it happened! And it was great!

A couple of weeks ago I hosted the Canadian premiere screening of Brooklyn filmmaker Jen Lee's documentary Indie Kindred. It's about creative collaboration, working as an independent artist and the need for a creative community. 

"Gravitate to people who are smart and caring."

- Twyla Tharp

Indie Kindred Jen Lee creativity creative process community

Lost & Found Cafe was the perfect venue. Kane and Salomeh have created such a great space for coffee and food during the day and artsy events in the evening. 

"With a combination of expertise and creative energy, Kane and Salomeh assist customers with events such as art openings, evenings of music, talks, travel photography shows and cocktail parties for any occasion. Lost + Found Cafe has found a niche in the downtown Vancouver community, providing good food and great coffee, where philanthropy and creativity meet".

Of course there were drinks and appys and desserts too.

creativity collaboration community Jen Lee Indie Kindred

"There's a strong mythology about the takes vulnerability to admit that we can't do it alone."

- filmmaker Jen Lee

It got ALL very meta in the planning stages as I was collaborating on presenting a documentary ABOUT collaborating. Cherish Bryck, a local photographer who co-hosts her own event series (Sparkfly) and Carolyn Trotter, a Vancouver painter, helped with planning and spreading the word.

As a result we had an eclectic group of over 30 photographers, artists, writers, graphic designers and jewelry designers. Lots of good conversation and not enough time to speak with everyone!

Indie Kindred Lost & Found Cafe Vancouver community creativity 

The idea of finding your tribe resonated with everyone. I had heard from some of those who attended the Seattle screening that they left hungry for "what now", how DO I take those next steps to start building my own creative community? 

"It's not waiting to be let in, it's opening the door and walking in."

- artist, Indie Kindred

Indie Kindred Jen Lee collaboration creativity creative process

It takes guts to put yourself out there. When we are no longer in college or university and when we are freelancing, there are fewer chances to meet new creative people on the fly. 

"You just have to continue being brave."

- artist, Indie Kindred

One of the artists interviewed in the doc talked about wishing that we all wore t-shirts saying "I'm a poet" or "I'm a photographer" so that we could recognize each other as we go about our days. Wouldn't that be great?

creativity community collaboration creative process

Loved the evening. Loved the venue. Loved the people that I met. Looking forward to seeing what they do next and getting to know them better.

More please!

I'm curious - do you have your own creative community where you live? If so, what is it like? If not, what kind of community would you love to have?