Friday links

graphic pepper jelly food photography

The remnants of yummy fennel sweet & savoury crisps plus pepper jelly from Giulia of Audrey's 74. Gotta love the surprise gift in the mail - especially an edible one! 


Again with the selfie.

Feminist selfies.

What to give an art lover.

Ken on Rob via Dave.

Social media = social change.

There's no room for snark.

But there's room for helvetica perfume!

I DO see colours when I hear music.

Organize that wardrobe!

THIS is advertising. (via The Hourglass Files) <---she finds the coolest stuff

This week I wrote about building your critical resilience. What do you think? 

And yesterday I shared on Facebook a podcast by Grace Bonney about financing online publications. I wanna know what you think about this too!

Hanukkah started last Wednesday so for 8 nights it'll be candles, latkes, dreidl spinning, more latkes, sufganiyot (jam doughnuts), friends, small gifts for the girl, and a couple of parties. Phew! Not bad for a minor holiday.

Did you go crazy on Black Friday? I held off but for signing up for a few more Skillshare classes that I'll eventually get around to taking. They're great but I tend to be overly ambitious with my time. Luckily it's lifetime access.

And I've been working on a mixed media art piece that'll be revealed next week as part of a collaborative project with Melanie Biehle. (I've enjoyed getting messy). We're excited for the launch!

What's new with you?