Friday links

still life black and white

Do you ever have insomnia? I do. Sheesh. I'm usually a great sleeper. And I can fall asleep anywhere, anytime. But around 2am? Pretty much every day at that time? Suddenly wide awake.

Last night you'd have found me under the covers with my book light reading Goldfinch.  It's such a stunning book that it ALMOST makes up for not sleeping enough.

Ahoy, linkety links ahead.

In case I ever audition

Did one and I wanna renovate another one.

When SHOULD I work for free?

A fave photographer

I love British slang. Especially Victorian slang

Let's find the owners, 'kay? 

How DO I meet someone for coffee?

May the force be with Kinkade

Irene will LOVE these. (It's just her style).

So what's happening with you this weekend? What makes a good weekend for you?

PS #foliophoto Friday starts today! Once a week, baby. The word prompt is CONTRAST. Take a photo, Instagram it, tag it #contrast and #foliophoto. And check out everyone's photo! too. Maybe make a comment and throw around a few "likes".