Friday links

Toronto Victorian

My first home in Toronto. The first home that the man and I owned together. My first reno. You never know what you'll find when you open up the walls of a 130 year old house! I'd do it again in an instant. Wait a minute, I DID do it again - twice more. Glutton for punishment? Nope - just love making a place my own. And REALLY love the Victorian floor plan.

Links of the creative, arty, inspiring kind.

Now THIS is an interview. I wanna go to THEIR dinner party!

And this was a life.

I never knew this.

How you can Instagram Direct.

A retailer's Instagram Direct experiment.

Not everyone likes Instagram.

Seen and loved two, wanna see the third.

Reinvent yourself.

I attend in Vancouver but here's the Seattle one.

What book SHOULD I read?

I've watched most episodes 3 times!

I zoomed out my December newsletter this past week with all sorts of ideas for making things happen in 2014. And on We Are The Contributors - do you journal?

This weekend? Holiday parties galore. Some duty (I can work the room with the best of 'em) and some fun. Having friends over for brunch (I'm a big fan of the brunch for entertaining - who doesn't love breakfast food?). And general hanging out with the man and the girl. What are you up to?