Friday links

palm trees maui.png

Happy New Year! Had a great break. Went to Hawaii with the man and the girl. Swam, outrigger canoed (we're soooo hooked and are doing it back here in Vancouver too), drank mai tai's, and ate lots of fresh fish. I'll write about the trip over the next few weeks - still processing the photos.

Now for my fave arts, leisure and creativity links just for you (with a lot of exclamation marks - apparently it's the week of exclamation).

I've never seen the others. Have you?

Jenna Lyons meets Girls! (and the two hour season premier is on Sunday!)

We're all photographers. Or are we?

Congrats to Kiana!

Downton Abbey Season 4 fashion

Editing a new documentary about the guy who wrote the lyrics for West Side Story at 25! (directed by James Lapine!)

A fab tune from the same doc (directed by Todd Haynes!)

Grow your Instagram followers.

Bob Dylan and new year's resolutions.

MOMA is a mess.

Life digitized!

The British Library too!

I wanna hang out with them.

2014 is going to be a good year. No crystal ball gazing over here - I know there'll be ups and downs. Wins and losses. Successes and a few failures too. I also know that whatever happens, I'm ready for it.

This weekend? Some Home Depot-ing as I pick up track lighting for the home office makeover. (That sounds so fancy - "makeover"). It's a teeny space with too much in it to make it useful. The couch will be consigned. The lighting will FINALLY be updated (those of you who Skype with me KNOW how I look like I'm living in a cave). The walls will get another coat of white too.

I'll be ready for all sorts of side projects. And I'll be able to leave projects out while in process.

See you next week! And don't forget to join in on the next #foliophoto Instagram project that starts on Monday.