Planning for 2014

end of year planning

I scribble in my journal and draw pictures and brainstorm and make notes and think about 2014. Plan my side projects. Plan any courses that I want to take. Plan my travel. Plan how I want to be as a mom and a partner and a friend. Plan my fun.

Think, think, think.

And then when I was at yoga this morning, my instructor was talking about transitions. About the speed that we move from here to there. How in a vinyasa practice, sometimes we are so focused on the next pose that we forget about that middle space. That liminal space. Not this pose. Not the next pose.

Here. In between. The transition. 

So while I take the next few weeks off to be with family and friends, I'll be doing some thinking about 2014. I'll be doing some planning. I'll be deciding what I want the year to look like.

And I'll be thinking about slowing down between now and a year from now. Between where I am creatively today and where I want to be tomorrow, next month and next year. I'll be thinking about smoothly moving from here to there. Not being in a rush. Not going faster than I really need to go. Not risking hurting myself because I'm in too much of a hurry. Not missing any experiences because I'm moving too fast.

I'm going to enjoy the in betweens.

And I'll see you in January!