We Are The Contributors - A Community and Publication for Creatives

You know how I love collaborating, right? And building a creative community. And getting inspired by all sorts of different art forms. And how I believe that EVERYONE needs to create. Well, Melanie of Inward Facing Girl and I have been working together for the past few months on a new project that is ALL about these things.

collaborate + community + creativity

And I'm so excited to announce it today. Yes, TODAY! 

Here we go!

we are the contributors creativity creative process collaboration 

Our dream is to create an online space to bring together artists, designers, photographers, writers, and all kinds of makers around creative projects that will inspire our own work and build community among creative people across mediums. 

You can read more about our creative mission, projects, and what we’re all about here.

Our first project is done!

You will be amazed by the work of our first round of contributors. I know I am. We have photographers, painters, collage artists, graphic designers - all inspired by the same pieces of art and ALL interpreted in unique ways. 

I took part too! I love photography but there is something about creating with your hands.

I'm supah excited!  (Can you tell?)

I am over the moon about the work that our inaugural 10 Contributors created.

Keep in touch with We Are the Contributors on Facebook, follow the hashtag #aContributor on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, and sign up to create work of your own

And you know, it's not just about projects online - there's going to be a print magazine too! We're doing it, yup, we're doing it.