Friday links

It's been a busy week - projects and series with a few months of behind-the-scenes work have come together. Melanie Biehle and I launched We Are the Contributors, a community and publication for creatives. Yay! The photograph above is my artwork for the first project.

I also interviewed Dave and Jen Cooper for my creative couples series. I SO am hungry for stories about real people doing real things. Especially creatives.

And I was awarded second place in the juried Canadian Weblog Awards in the arts & culture category! This blog is a labour of love and it's an honour to be recognized (<----cliche but still true!). Supah happy about that!!!

On to the links.

The floorplans of film.

Too much photoshop but he's gorgeous!

Sitting for Chuck Close.

Gifts for your fashion history lover.

Benefits vs. friction.

Glamour Girls.

We NEVER could resist a selfie.

Never enough Mandy.

This weekend we're hosting a slumber party for 6 8-year-olds including the girl. Translation? Not a lot of sleep for anyone on Saturday night! I'll try not to be cranky on Sunday. Promise.

And thank YOU for all of your support and retweets and likes and comments on We Are the Contributors. Melanie and I are thrilled with the artwork created AND the response. It's only the beginning, baby.