Friday Salon

Paia Maui Hawaii sunset

Paia Maui Hawaii sunset

If you are EVER in Maui, DO go to the north part of the island to Paia. Love the smaller towns in Hawaii. Laid back. Relaxed. 

I wish that I could say that I was laid back and relaxed after this week but then I'd be lying. And you'd catch me out immediately, right? Can't get ANYTHING past you guys. It's been busy, my friends. 

I realised that I cram about twice as much as humanly possible into a tiny bit of hours. I'm a great multitasker but even I have my limits. Phew! And it's all good stuff - writing, photography, the Salon (yes, the FIRST salon is next week!) plus redecorating my tiny home office and the basement. I'm never bored. Out of time - yes. Bored? Never.

On to the links - my online salon, of course!

Poor Lady Sybil.

Happy Birthday to Pride & Prejudice. Colin Firth is THE best Darcy ever!

Top 10 art Pinterest accounts to follow.

Digital owner's manual.

Colour photographs from 1910 Paris.

A show that I'll miss. Sniff...

The Sartorialist subjects speak!

Whister's Mother gets a makeover.

Ahhh, the weekend. A good friend is in town from Toronto so there definitely WILL be some merrymaking. Do you #blogbrunch? 10am PST on Saturday - it's THE best twitter hangout. They're smart AND savvy and all design-y/creative-like. Might even squeeze in a day of snowboarding.

How about you?