Foliophoto - Broken

foliophoto broken

I've been thinking a lot about this week's prompt word broken. Broken hearts, broken promises, physical items that are broken. Resolutions broken. And also thinking about how to portray the idea of brokenness in a photograph.

This is one of the girl's first necklaces. It came in a lovely little box full of fairy things - a story book, a fairy, fairy crafts and recipes. If you know any girls, you DO know that at some point they are fascinated with fairies. 

It looks more like a butterfly than a fairy now - that's where broken comes in. Somewhere, somehow, the pendant lost the legs of the fairy. And when the girl discovered that it was broken, her little heart was broken too. There were tears.

It was the first time that something that meant a lot to her broke.  

The girl is out of the fairy stage now. She doesn't really believe in them any longer at age seven, not even the tooth fairy. But she still holds on to this fairy.

foliophoto broken

Christie's BROKEN photo is over here.

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Next week’s prompt? Heart(s) – just in time for Valentine's Day.