My two valentines

battleship game

I know it's Valentine's Day and I'm meant to write a post about the man. Well, this IS about the man but it's really about our little family - the man and the girl and me. All of us. Our little family.

battleship game

I suppose it's my valentine to the two of them. For what they bring to the table. For what we have together as a family. It's a valentine for what I love about them. For what I love about the small moments that we share.

We're pretty lucky - we love to travel and we get to do it a lot. We're not really into fancy this or that but we do indulge in theater and the arts and adventure and will happily travel for those indulgences. I know that we'd sacrifice a lot before we gave up on our trips.

battleship game

But what really makes it for me. What really is THE best part - it's the regular day-to-day. Laughing ourselves silly at some ridiculous inside joke. Playing Battleship with the girl while she coaches me on strategy, 7 year old style. Reading together. Sharing a snack after school. Eating supper together most nights. Hanging out on a Saturday afternoon. Running errands together. it doesn't take much to make us happy.

I feel pretty lucky because in addition to loving each other, we really enjoy each other's company.

Here's to so many many great memories and many more to come. The man and the girl are my valentines!

PS That IS a vintage Battleship game. The man's of course!