Friday Salon



A busy week. Understatement. We were up skiing at Whistler for four days (it's a 1 1/2 hour drive north) and on our return, every day has been back to back with meetings and lunches and street photography shoots and coffee with friends and all sorts of things. All good though!

I laughed more than a few times putting together today's Friday Salon arts & leisure links. Some dry humour and some of that laugh out loud humour. (yes, more Canadian/British spelling - it's not a typo, it's "humour" up here).

For Jen - Bill Cunningham and Valentine's Day.

13 times Betty Draper didn't give a f***.

How a photograph goes viral.

Fashion week is over but here are the new palettes.

Imagined conversations with Anna Wintour.

Forget the cardboard.

Don't give up before it gets good.

Love this photo.

Urban planning with Lego.

It's killing me that I won't be there for this. A once in a lifetime event. Just can't swing it in March. You KNOW I've gone over it 800 ways to squeeze it in. #firstworldproblems

The weekend is upon us. After all the busy-ness of this past week I think I MIGHT like to just chill. But I KNOW that I'll feel better getting some exercise too. Perhaps some local mountain snowboarding and a spin class will suffice.

How about you?