Foliophoto - Heart

foliophoto hearts.JPG

This is a part of a joint photo project between Christie of Bedsidesign and I and others who have joined us through our flickr group #foliophoto

This week's photo word prompt was heart. The girl is seven, an age that is full of unbridled love for her family. Every age is a lovely age and this one especially so. I'm stockpiling all of the love that she shares for those years not so far away when I'll suddenly become that parent that's a bit embarrassing to be around.

Our kitchen table is piled with craft supplies - pens and markers and glue and scissors. There's always some art project on the go. And when it's Valentine's Day, there are hearts being drawn and cut out and left for us to find.

Christie's HEART photo is over here.

Want to join us? Here’s the info on #foliophoto:

Christie & I brainstorm a topic each week to interpret through photos (we are trying to build up our photography skills) and we would love you to take part.

We’ve started a flickr group called Foliophoto (public/invite only for now – email me for access or mention it in the comments) and instagram hashtag #foliophoto. You don’t have to be a blogger to participate and you don't have to have a fancy DSLR - anything that takes a photo is fine. It's all about stretching your creative muscles. 

Next week’s prompt? Collection – inspired by Christie's post yesterday.