Friday Salon

studio model.jpg

Happy Friday everyone! Have a good week? I have only one class left of my intermediate DSLR class and my project is due next Wednesday. It's self portraits. Yup, dreaming up all sorts of versions. You can guess what I'll be doing this weekend...

Ladies Edith and Mary at Fashion Week.

Feeling dumb, lazy, unoriginal or overly serious?

The best fashion week moments.

Hannah slept with a doctor.

I wanna live in Scandinavia!

The diplomacy of art.

Stop networking.

It opens next week and I'll see it next month!

It's less about perfection.

It's ONLY about perfection.

Harlem responds to the various versions of the Harlem Shake. We aren't that cool.

The hipster as dandy.

And since it IS the Oscars on Sunday, Oscars' 6 degrees of separation.

Besides catching up on my self portrait project for my photography class, I'll also be helping the girl finish up a watermelon costume for Monday. She and her Grade 2 classmates are putting on a play for the Grade One-ers. Going to hear jazz bassist Christian McBride too. In another life I'd play jazz piano professionally.

Next week? Another instalment of Art One-Oh-One by Erin of Art Social and another Offroad Blogging interview. Love learning from all sorts of bloggers who are taking it offline into real life.

What's up with you this weekend?