Good design trumps bullying

The girl wore a pink shirt yesterday in honour of anti-bullying day in Canada. Last year we made a pink shirt for her to wear. 

The awareness is great but can we be done with the bullying already? 

Here are a few powerful ways that good design - great design - is being used to fight bullying.

Watch Canadian poet Shane Koyczan's viral spoken word poem from last week animated by a huge number of his design-y pals. Over 4 million views since February 19th. It ends on a positive, inspiring note.

Tammie Bennett has created another of her gorgeous illustrations. It's part of her "Dear Universe Project".


And to round it out, some insightful words on adult bullying. I know, crazy, eh? Shouldn't it be over already, or at least over with adults? Social media can make it easier to slippy slidey into bullying online. That old coward anonymity. Take a look at Momathon's opinion of the Anne Hathaway haters and the culture of social media bullying

Enough with the bullying, okay?