Foliophoto Project - Winter


Graphic created by my partner in crime Christie of Bedsidesign.

I am SOOO glad that Christie and I started this project as one of my goals this year is to improve my photography. I'm taking some classes (locally and online) and doing this foliophoto project. It all adds up - taking more photos and getting better little by little. Patience is the operative word - being patient with having a LARGE Ira Glass gap between where I am now and where I want to be. 

This week's prompt was winter. Although I grew up on the prairies where there is a LOT of snow in the winter, I now live in the Pacific Northwest where in the city there is very little snow. It's snowed once so far this winter and it lasted about two days. The cherry trees will blossom in about a month.

The city is on the edge of a rainforest and it's lush and green all year round. Doesn't get too hot and doesn't get too cold. But it DOES rain. From November to March it rains almost every day - sunshine is a rarity. You don't need snowboots but you DO need an umbrella.

This photo is in colour but it's taken looking up through a tree at the grey sky. I took some other photos of the green grass and budding magnolia. This won.

foliophotowinter 1.JPG

Christie's winter photo is over here. Very upstate New York. I miss snow in the winter!

We'd love you to join us! Email me for an invite to the Flickr group. Instagram? Hashtag is #foliophoto.

Next week's prompt is broken. See you on Feb 12th!