Friday Salon

This my friends is the sidewalk in front of our house a few days ago. We really DO live near a rainforest and it really RARELY snows in the city. Rain - don't get me started...

In my fantasy life I'm sleeping in as you read this. It's the night after my first Raincoast Creative Salon and I am pooped! Good pooped. Reality - a usual Friday with getting the girl to school, some groceries, some photography, and a little writing. It's all good.

The salon went well and I'll be writing more about it in the next few weeks. Feels REALLY great to have it come together after all the dreaming and planning.

The links!

Learn to do things by doing them. (Thanks Kathleen!)

Joe Namath's '60's bachelor pad.

We all plagiarize but we can't help it.

Schmutzie shows how to embed Vine videos ANYWHERE!

Haters gonna hate.

I'm late to the game but I'm enjoying Lilyhammer. Season 2 started filming last month.  

I wanna go to Paris and see this.

It's better to be the ugly sister.

My two fave books of the past few years are double winners!

And keeping with the Tudors (early Tudors, that is) they found Richard III!

The home office of the 21st century:

Snowboards and skis are at the ready and we'll be using both this weekend.  The girl is learning to ski so it's much easier to help her if one of us is on skis too. Hiking back up a hill on a snowboard is not much fun. Trust me.

7 families hanging out = mayhem but THE best kind of mayhem.

Next week I am thrilled to present my new columnist! You'll have to wait and see....

What are you doing this weekend?