Friday Salon


It's been a productive week. I finalized plans for the next Raincoast Creative Salon and the newsletter zoomed out on Thursday. April 9th, my friends, April 9th. Before we go to the links, what did you think of Makers: Women Who Make America? You can watch it online here.

Downtown Abbey creator speaks!

The best world press photos.

Following Jen's lead, Diane Von Furstenberg dishes advice.

George did it first on Seinfeld.

Was Rose REALLY the most difficult one to write for?

Comedy as art.


MOMA puts artists back in the closet.

Portlandia skewers post modernism. But IS it art?

This weekend is three days long so we are free and clear for 72 hours. It'll be Family Fuse at the Vancouver Art Gallery and a little photography project ('cause I wanna learn it all, like, YESTERDAY <---patience may be a virtue but it isn't one that comes naturally to me!) Sunday's free for some snowboarding with friends. The rest? We'll play it by ear. How about you?