Foliophoto - Artificial

foliophoto artificial.jpg

The man's pretty easygoing. And that's a good thing - balances out my, ahem, sometimes intense nature. Yin and yang and all that. 

But if there's one thing that drives him a bit crazy, it is getting the girl to have a regular, natural look. She hams it up all over the show for him. Crazy smiles, wacky faces - never just that relaxed, real look.

For me? She'll do the real deal. I'm like the "girl whisperer" when it comes to taking photos of her. 

So when I had to take a photo with the prompt "artificial", I had the opposite challenge - get her to do the hamming it up that she does for the man. 

She obliged.

This is part of a weekly photo project called #foliphoto. Weekly word prompts on Tuesday with the photo posted the following Tuesday. Join us on flickr. Instragram with the hashtag #foliophoto. 

My partner in photographic crime, Christie, has her photo over here along with link up info if you so desire.

Next week's prompt? Street