How much are you hustling?

week-1-homework-another-one two.png

Okay, before anyone comments about alignment or "cut-off-ness" of the letters, this was inspired by T Magazine that arrived in last weekend's Sunday New York Times. (You'll have to take my word for it, though, as the online edition doesn't include the article title page styled in this manner). 

Look at me learning Illustrator. That was before this week's lesson that started out with the pen tool:

What fresh hell is learning the pen tool in Illustrator??? #babysteps#patiencegrasshopper

— Sandra Harris (@Sandrat212) March 13, 2013

I'm getting it ---> ["how do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice"].

I'm digressing ALL over the place. One more before I get to the point. Back to T Magazine. Do you KNOW who edited this edition? Debbie Needleman. (A moment of silence for Domino Magazine). And Bruce Weber did much of the photography! And the graphic design is fresh and inspiring. Yay!

Back to the point. Hustling. You hustling? You creative person out there! You bloggy person! You photographer! Are you hustling? I know that I am. Between starting up and running the Salon, writing here, upping my photography game, learning Illustrator and general life, there is a LOT of hustling going on. 

Every day I'm the queen of hustling - emails, phone calls, meeting people for coffee, networking, caterers, venues, talent. Weekly photography & Illustrator homework. Writing. Social media. Reading blogs and commenting.

For me lately it's been all about the hustling. And that's what we have to do, right? If you and I are going to get from here to there, that's what needs to happen.

How much are you hustling?