Friday Salon


Have a good week? I did. I wrestled with the pen tool for some Illustrator homework, had coffee with a photographer friend, and got.things.done. Feels good checking those to-do's off the list.

In honour of season 6 beginning on April 7th, let's start today's links with some Mad Men.

Mad Men is stylish.

Mad Men predictions.

An original mad man for Mad Men. 

Art is relative.

Lena Dunham makes a fashion video

Stay on the bus!

A different kind of street flashing.

Carrie wondered a lot.

Figure out your target audience.

Jenna Lyons has 289 pairs of shoes.

This weekend I'm getting together with Gabriel, Amy, Holly and a few others for coffee and banter. When you work on your own, you REALLY need to get some face time with other creatives. 

How about you? Getting out this weekend?