Foliophoto - street


I'm a bit of a "on the one hand" and "on the other hand" with the type of photography that I like. On the one hand, I love the control of still life and table top. Composition, lighting - I have the luxury of time to dream up a concept and then execute.

On the other hand, I do love the spontenaity of street photography. I'm out there shooting and in that split second I see the shot, compose and then take the photo. No control. Completely spontaneous. Improvisational. Miss the moment and it's gone forever.

And as a photographer you are putting yourself out there - there's no hiding when you are walking about in public taking photos.

This week's #foliophoto prompt was street. And for me that meant street photography.

Recently I started meeting with a friend every other week to shoot street photography. We pick a neighbourhood and shoot for a few hours. Like the #foliophoto word prompt project, it's another way for me to stay on track and practice photography. And the social part is great too.

Want to take part in #foliophoto? Next week's prompt is memories. Take a photo using whatever you like, post it to flickr here or instagram tagged #foliophoto. Want to do a link up? Christie, my partner in #foliophoto has her photo and the code over here.