Me and my red balloon

red balloon

I bought a red balloon. A 36" red balloon.

Said balloon did not want to get into my car.

Had to get creative.

Said balloon also isn't a fan of many of the doorways of my little house but I got it inside. 

Why a red balloon?

Photography homework. 

Making a plan to shoot with a red balloon.

It's due March 30th.

Right now it's hanging out in the reading nook til I come up with an idea. 

I DO have an idea but I'm keeping it secret for now.

Happiness for me?

Chipping away week by week at the photography learning. Knowing that next week. And the week after that. And six months from now...I'll be better at it.

A little bit every day is exponentially better than a block of time once a week. Just a little every day.

What are you working on?