Friday Salon


Happy Friday, my friends. A good week - meeting old and new friends for coffee and planning the next three Raincoast Creative Salons. And you know what? One of them is going to be in Seattle! We're taking it on the road.

Links you ask? Here they are.

It's a dirty job but...

How long DID Adam's run take?

Just like us AND better than us .

Photography gets MORE street cred.

I don't wanna take THIS exam.

Bolshoi Ballet goes bizarre.

Neither dead NOR dying.

He just wants to fit in.

Breaking Bad, 1995-style.

I am quite looking forward to this weekend. First, it's the start of two weeks off of school for the girl! It'll be fun to have her around. Second, I'm in a portrait lighting workshop tomorrow all day. I might be resourceful, but even the MacGyver of photo equipment has to eventually break down and use the real goods (that'd be me).

Tell me what you have planned for this weekend - I do want to know!